Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Wind that Blows Hard

We see many things in this life, that gives us a sense of doom, and destruction. Many believe in the Prophecy's of the prophets, and many others still make not. Weather you believe or not, the twenty-four hours is approaching, and coming quickly. We inquire why the people of this planet, believe that life will travel on for eternity, as it is.

There have been warnings from even, the so called scientist, that this human race is being over populated, the seas are rising, and the water ice caps are melting. Famine, flood, sickness, and warfare are ravaging this world, and no 1 believes much about it. The rich are satisfied with their wealth, the mediocre have got nowhere to travel but down, and the lawless are taking as much as they can, sometimes in the name of their god, greed. Can you not see that, this human race is destroying itself, can't you see that, even the things that you see are not what they look to be? The rules of this planet phone call for peace, peace, and there is no peace to be found, only a color of what is given, as peace. It have all been a shadow, a false prophecy, a wind that blows hard, and no 1 can walk forward for all the pressure level that this disgusting wind brings. We warfare in the name of peace, we develop drugs to dull the mind, and we develop other drugs for diseases that make not exist.

We have got become, A People of Dependence.

Dependence upon drugs for our moods, dependance upon the army's, for our safety, and dependance upon false faiths for our spirits, we are doomed if we don't stop, and walk threw the wind of change, the wind of indifference, and the wind of false religion. Suffering unto them that phone call immorality good, and good evil; that put option option darkness for light, and visible visible light for darkness; that put acrimonious for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isa 5:20.) World phone calls orgy good, free sexual activity good, war, and struggles good, but they bury to entree the cost of their deception.

The wind of change

The wind of alteration have many stopped in their lives. Change is coming upon all of us. Those that were strong, will go week, the rich, will go poor, the young, will go old, the beautiful, will go bald, and unsightly. Those that spell down into the pit, will not be welcomed, but despised by all.

Have you called upon the winds of your god, and makes he answer? Volition you take a opportunity on your faith, that infinity will be glorious, or make you name upon a Supreme Being that, doesn't answer, doesn't know, and doesn't live, are you sure of your gods?

Those that make not believe in Heaven or Hell, are you sure, make you cognize for a fact that, there is no judgement coming upon all, make you really believe that, the wicked in this life will never be punished, by the separation from God, for all eternity, are you sure?

Are you being carried away by, the wind of indifference. Indifference is; The state in which there is no difference, or in which no moral or physical ground preponderates; as when we talk of the indifference of things in themselves. Unconcerned; feeling no interest,anxiety or attention respecting any thing. It looks to be impossible that a rational beingness should be apathetic to the agency of obtaining eternal happiness.

Do you care, or are you, caught up in a apathetic wind?

A wind that states you that there is no good, no evil, and no penalty for unrighteousness, don't you care at all? If you state yes, then you are deceived. Your indifference will change when it come ups to yourself or a loved one near you. You will curse word those that injury your family, you will name upon God, to penalize these people for eternity, and you will even name out for the penalty of Hell for them, a Hell that you say, you don't believe in. At one clip in your life, your indifference will turn to shame, and sorrow. There is no such as thing as an atheist, for a so called atheist will become, and doubter when sorrow or catastrophe hits his home. How long volition you let this wind to transport you?

The Wind of False Religion.

This is the wind that causes the most damage, to the heart, and soul, the spirit, and the body. You state that Christians are waiting for a Christ, that hasn't come up back for over 2,000 years, you are the 1s deceived, and in want, and need, of redemption from our gods. Rich Person you said that Our Lord, have got forgotten us, have left us to walk alone? Rich Person you not read the scriptures; "And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers drop asleep, all things go on as they were from the beginning of the creation."(2Pe 3:4.)

Presumptuous incredulity and lawless lust, setting nature and its so-called laws above the Supreme Being of nature and revelation, and arguing from the past continuity of nature's phenomena that there can be no hereafter break to them, was the sinfulness of the antediluvians, and shall be that of the gorgers in the last days.

Where - implying that it ought to have got taken topographic point before this, if ever it was to take place, but that it never will.(JFB.) He hath said in his heart, Supreme Being hath forgotten: he hideth his face; he will never see it. Arise, Type Type O LORD; O God, lift up thine hand: bury not the humble. Why doth the wicked contemn God? he hath said in his heart, Thousand wilt disease not necessitate it. Thousand hast seen it; for thousand beholdest mischief-making and spite, to requite it with thy hand: the mediocre committeth himself unto thee; thousand fine art the assistant of the fatherless. Interruption thousand the arm of the wicked and the wicked man: seek out his evil till thousand happen none.(Psa 10:11-15)

As a dreaming when one awaketh; so, Type O Lord, when thousand awakest, thousand shalt contemn their image. Thus my bosom was grieved, and I was pricked in my reins. So foolish was I, and ignorant: I was as a animal before thee. Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thousand hast holden me by my right hand. (Psa 73:20-23)

Don't you understand that, Supreme Being is patient with man. Patent enough to wait upon him, to decide, to whom he shall serve? We as Christians dwell by religion alone. We have got seen, heard and make attest of the truth, not of our truth, but of the truth handed down to us by the Holy Place Spirit of God. We are of one body, we neither war, nor fight, against each other, but we dwell to function each other, as Jesus commanded us to do. Many other faiths fight, and even kill each other, for power, and rule, this is a word form of slavery, and containment of ego expression.

Will there be penalty for the wicked when Jesus gets to name Gods Children Home? Yes, for there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Are there a Heaven to gain, and a Perdition to shun? Yes, for Supreme Being is righteous, and all knowing.

Heaven is Gods kingdom, and Perdition is for the disbelievers in Christ. Why is this so? For if, you have got got read Gods word, you should cognize that Jesus Of Nazareth is, Gods Word, in the flesh, for despising, and not believing in Christ, you have actually rejected the word of God, and this volition be punished. Call upon you gods, for deliverance, phone phone call upon your gods, for subsistence, call upon your Gods of winds, are they there, are they able to promise, and then present upon their promises?

Have they protected you, and your belief in them? Volition they salvage you from ageless torture in the lake of fire? Ars.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Thought I Had A Son, But He Slipped Away

Jeff had so many Operating Under the Influence breakages of the law that he spent too many old age of his immature life behind bars.

"I'm the achromatic sheep of the family," he said one Friday eventide when I visited him in jail. Many of my Friday eves were spent in that ugly visitors' room. But it was deserving it. At least that's what Jeff told me. Helium had no other 1s to name on him except one immature woman, Yonna.

"The remainder of my household made something of themselves, but the bottle got to me over and over again."

However, I learned that his biological father had not paid much attending to anyone in the family. Soon his female parent married again. And again.

"She travels from one also-ran to another, like looking after isolated dogs," Jeff explained.

One jailhouse visit I offered to be his father. He immediately took me up on it. We shook custody on the deal. He was in his late 20s when discovering me as his dad. I felt it to be God's volition and a privilege.

Jeff was winsome, witty and intelligent.

"My grandmother took me to her Christian church when I was a boy." It then spilled out that he learned about Jesus, salvation, hope and love. But grandma's influence faded from his young person when she died. From then on out, it was pretty much whatever faith Jeff grabbed clasp of — which was practically nothing.

Jeff went from occupation to job. But the bottle forever got in the way.

I drove him to the motor vehicle section 1 springtime morning. He expected that he would not acquire his licence back for 8 years. Then all of a sudden Iodine saw his slender framework leaping out of that presence door toward my car. He was ecstatic. Instead of 8 years, he'd acquire his licence in 4. That was something to hearten about, at least Jeff reasoned it that way. In the meantime, he was at the clemency of others' wheels. However, seemingly that was a known fine art to Jeff.

When he got released from jailhouse after his last stint, I collected respective hundred dollars from friends to assist him acquire into a rehab centre in the city. He bunked out with respective other work force on the 2nd floor. His jobs were listed on the kitchen wall. He got his meals, guidance and a warm building.

On Sundays, I picked up Jeff for worship. He joined us in our house church. A grouping of us moved into the house Christian church manner respective old age back, that is, after having spent our lives in a real-life church building. However, the simpleness of a house Christian church — like unto the Early Church — appealed to us more.

We worshiped from house to house on the Lord's Day.

By a miracle, Supreme Being provided Jeff with a house in the city. An aged adult female died, her girl wanted to sell her place quickly, and Jeff got it at a very good price.

Our house Christian church had a house heating for Jeff one Lord'S Day morning time when meeting in his life room for a service. Then from clip to clip I'd steal him a 10 or twenty, sometimes a fifty-dollar measure when I had it. He needed it. After all, he was starting all over once again — out of jailhouse and making it. Further, he said I was his dada and I said he was my son.

One twenty-four hours he protested about my gifts. "But that's what a dada does," I answered. "He assists his boy out."

I had looked forward to a son. I have got two daughters. But I longed for a son. Now Supreme Being brought Jeff along.

Then came Yonna. She was hankering for a adult male large time. Like crazy. Like moving in to Jeff's house. Furthermore, she had wheels.

Early on Jeff testified to receiving Jesus as His Savior. Our family provided him with a new Bible. He was also reading day-to-day from devotional brochures distributed during our worship times.

Jeff had two children — one from one female parent and the other from another mother. The children worshiped with us. As children they too reached out to Jesus' love. The twenty-four hours they did, I noted crying in Jeff's eyes. He was so happy to cognize that his ain children had a new start of soul, far more than than he had when their ages.

Sometimes Jeff needed a drive to a school meeting with his son. Before Yonna moved in, I drove into the city, picked Jeff up and drove him to the meeting. At another clip Jeff had a doctor's assignment at the other end of the city. I drove him to the doctor. At still another clip Jeff had a societal worker's assignment with one of his children. I drove him there, too.

I was putting a batch of statute miles on my van. But I was his dad. He was my son. It was a joy. And I told him so.

Jeff was growing spiritually in the Lord. He was a speedy learner. He picked up scriptural instruction readily. I was very proud of my new son.

But then it was that one twenty-four hours Yonna moved her piece of furniture from her dawdler out in the state to his metropolis house. All of a sudden it was stashed in every corner of every room. Far too much for the space; but it was all there.

When we worshiped on Lord'S Day morns in Jeff's home, Yonna went off somewhere. She never joined in with us. That was sad. But his children worshiped with us. They were more than than apprehensive to larn another narrative about Jesus. At Christmas, our house Christian church presented the children with gifts, particularly the birth scene for under their tree.

On a Lord'S Day morning time when we drove to Freeport for worship followed by a family meal, Jeff announced something in the avant garde upon our return. I had said, "Well, Jeff, how about adjacent Lord'S Day we ran into in your place for worship?"

"We won't be able to ran into in my place any more," he replied simply. No other explanation.

I looked in the rear position mirror to see Jeff seated in the center of his two children, his weaponry around their shoulders. I wondered what my ears had just picked up. But I said nil in reply. I just allow his sentence sink manner down deep.

"We won't be able to ran into in my place any more."

It was Yonna. She had moved in, taken over. So we never met in Jeff's place for worship again.

The adjacent Lord'S Day Iodine told Jeff where we were meeting. He did not show. Nor the adjacent Sunday. It was that quickly that I had a son, then he slipped away.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Devil's Assertive Disciple

My married adult female and I stopped in a small town eatery.

There sat an extrovert-type woman in her late sixties. She was loud. She was funny. She was, we learned later, a day-to-day fixture in that peculiar hamlet.

Further, it was not long into jocular conversation with her and others gathered, that we two learned she was "into spirits."

"There are three of us here in the village. We ran into regularly. We hear the liquor talking to us. We speak to them. They steer us. Sometimes we see them."

The adult female was an obvious adherent of the Satan for the Book warns true trusters that such as people communicating with the so-called "spirits" are satanic. In other words, they are not communicating with existent liquor but with the Satan himself.

A recent television docudrama focused on spiritism. It particularly nosed in on mediums. The mediums presented were quite convincing in producing information that squared with the deceased. Book trusters cognize that such as mediums are communicating in fact, not with the deceased, but with the Satan who can supply information concerning the deceased.

In this Pine Tree State eatery, the adult female kept on keeping on. She would reiterate detail. She would move like an revivalist for spiritism, very enthusiastically and with straight-out conviction.

I informed her courteously that I am a Christian curate of the gospel. She was pleased to cognize that, she told the group. She acted as if my biblical alkali was compatible with her spiritism. I did not counter her. I did not experience it needful to make so at that time. However, I was convinced that she herself knew that what she believed was contrary to what I believed.

A twelvemonth passed. The other twenty-four hours my married woman and I returned to the same eatery. There sat the same adult female at the same table—giving forth to any who would listen to her. There were jokes. That was much laughter. There was a friendly feeling to the whole place.

She immediately spied my married woman and I as we walked through the door, so invited us to sit down at her table. We took her up on her invite. Further pleasant conversation continued.

Ten proceedings into the visit, she started in again on her talking to the spirits, receiving messages from them, being directed by them in life decisions.

Then she spoke particularly of a immature chap who was there in the eatery respective years prior.

"All of a sudden Iodine saw him turn his caput over there to the right. I asked him what he saw. He described the adult female he saw. I asked what she looked like and what she was wearing. His verbal description was that of my mother!"

This adult female was totally convinced. She had been seated beside a immature chap who had come up in contact with her asleep parent. That was that. No questions. It was so.

Again, she knew that I am a Christian pastor. That made no difference to her astatine all in pushing on my married woman and me one more than clip the spiritism dimension, that she and two others in the small town ran into regularly to speak with the spirits, and so forth.

As we drove away, returning home, I said to my wife, "Note the assertive witnessing of that spiritist. She was as aggressive as any Moony. As any Jehovah's Witness. As any two Mormon missionaries at the presence door. In fact, she was as evangelistic in her spiritual strong beliefs as any well-known TV evangelist."

It is true.

The spiritist whom we met was all of the above. The devil's adherents are as much at the head of their "gospel" as any New Testament evangelist.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Women Are 'More Discerning' With Finances

Women are taking a greater involvement in their finances, it have been suggested.

The news come ups as research carried out by Sheilas' Wheels uncovers that females are becoming evermore involved in money direction within the household. According to the coverage company, about two out of five women (41 per cent) take exclusive duty for handling finances, which may include countries such as as public utility bills, recognition card game and personal loans. Meanwhile, 43 per cent of respondents split such as substances equally with their partners. This compares to the 16 per cent who go forth managing the family purse-strings solely to their other half.

Findings from the company also showed that women are becoming savvy when searching for motor insurance. Before picking an insurer, the typical adult female is now disbursement two hours and seven proceedings looking for the right policy. With this figure some 23 proceedings behind the clip taken selecting a Christmastide political party outfit, Sheilas' Wheels asserted that women are starting to impart more than than clip to thought about finances as they make towards fashion.

Commenting on the figures, Jacky Brown, interpreter for Sheilas' Wheels, claimed that "women are becoming more discerning clients - they desire well-priced and good quality auto insurance". Multiple Sclerosis Brown also reported: "In footing of interest, we cognize that manner will always win over finance, but it is interesting that women are now giving serious clip and consideration to their coverage purchases and effectively 'window shopping' policies via company websites and, increasingly, terms comparing sites."

Meanwhile, just over a 3rd (37 per cent) pass less than an hr choosing the coverage cover, although it was suggested that this could be owed to the increasing usage of time-saving terms comparing websites. But with lone one-half of respondents taking the clip to check up on the little black and white of the policy to do certain what they are covered for, many consumers could come up under fiscal pressure level in footing of making refunds on loans and other countries of their finances, if they suddenly happen that having an inadequate policy intends they have got to ran into the cost of fixes to their vehicle.

Research from the company also showed that when researching auto coverage 41 per cent of women inquire their friends on their experiences and recommendations about purchasing cover. Some 24 per cent, meanwhile, visit money websites and read personal finance subdivisions from newspapers.

As a consequence of having a more than than active function in both their family disbursement and selecting auto insurance, a rise figure of women could be more prepared to set their finances in greater form for later life. However, recent research carried out by Prudential have shown that females may be on course of study to develop troubles with money direction in later life. The news come ups as some 60 per cent of women who are currently of working age are not saving into a pension strategy with such as a deficiency of parts significance that they may fight to do payments on personal loans and public utility measures as they acquire older. Gary Shaughnessy, managing manager of retail, life and pensions for the firm, reported: "Women are the underclass when it come ups to pensions."