Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Devil's Assertive Disciple

My married adult female and I stopped in a small town eatery.

There sat an extrovert-type woman in her late sixties. She was loud. She was funny. She was, we learned later, a day-to-day fixture in that peculiar hamlet.

Further, it was not long into jocular conversation with her and others gathered, that we two learned she was "into spirits."

"There are three of us here in the village. We ran into regularly. We hear the liquor talking to us. We speak to them. They steer us. Sometimes we see them."

The adult female was an obvious adherent of the Satan for the Book warns true trusters that such as people communicating with the so-called "spirits" are satanic. In other words, they are not communicating with existent liquor but with the Satan himself.

A recent television docudrama focused on spiritism. It particularly nosed in on mediums. The mediums presented were quite convincing in producing information that squared with the deceased. Book trusters cognize that such as mediums are communicating in fact, not with the deceased, but with the Satan who can supply information concerning the deceased.

In this Pine Tree State eatery, the adult female kept on keeping on. She would reiterate detail. She would move like an revivalist for spiritism, very enthusiastically and with straight-out conviction.

I informed her courteously that I am a Christian curate of the gospel. She was pleased to cognize that, she told the group. She acted as if my biblical alkali was compatible with her spiritism. I did not counter her. I did not experience it needful to make so at that time. However, I was convinced that she herself knew that what she believed was contrary to what I believed.

A twelvemonth passed. The other twenty-four hours my married woman and I returned to the same eatery. There sat the same adult female at the same table—giving forth to any who would listen to her. There were jokes. That was much laughter. There was a friendly feeling to the whole place.

She immediately spied my married woman and I as we walked through the door, so invited us to sit down at her table. We took her up on her invite. Further pleasant conversation continued.

Ten proceedings into the visit, she started in again on her talking to the spirits, receiving messages from them, being directed by them in life decisions.

Then she spoke particularly of a immature chap who was there in the eatery respective years prior.

"All of a sudden Iodine saw him turn his caput over there to the right. I asked him what he saw. He described the adult female he saw. I asked what she looked like and what she was wearing. His verbal description was that of my mother!"

This adult female was totally convinced. She had been seated beside a immature chap who had come up in contact with her asleep parent. That was that. No questions. It was so.

Again, she knew that I am a Christian pastor. That made no difference to her astatine all in pushing on my married woman and me one more than clip the spiritism dimension, that she and two others in the small town ran into regularly to speak with the spirits, and so forth.

As we drove away, returning home, I said to my wife, "Note the assertive witnessing of that spiritist. She was as aggressive as any Moony. As any Jehovah's Witness. As any two Mormon missionaries at the presence door. In fact, she was as evangelistic in her spiritual strong beliefs as any well-known TV evangelist."

It is true.

The spiritist whom we met was all of the above. The devil's adherents are as much at the head of their "gospel" as any New Testament evangelist.

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