Thursday, November 1, 2007

Grim Prospects 50 Days Before Presidential Election

The 17th presidential election is just around the corner. Fifty years hence, Koreans must head to the polls and cast of characters their ballots to take their adjacent president. Under normal circumstances, all the presidential campaigners should have got been chosen by now and they should be in the concluding phase of convincing the public of the virtues of their political campaign pledges and the chopine of their several political parties. But so far, we don¡¯t even have got a clear thought of what exactly lies ahead.

During the 2002 election, the opinion political party decided on a presidential campaigner with lone 24 years left until election day. And on the Eve of the presidential election, one of the two presidential campaigners of the opinion party, who had formed a coalition, ended up splitting. It looks like this presidential election is going to be a repetition of the last one. Such events, which would be more than appropriate for a Third World country, have got been happening again and again during Korea¡¯s presidential elections.

Currently in the resistance camp, Spike Lee Hoi-chang is considering whether he should do a 3rd effort at running for president. Spike Spike Lee is believed to be weighing that option because he experiences he must register himself as a pinch hitter, since Thousand National Party presidential campaigner Lee Myung-bak¡¯s command confronts uncertainties. This logic for running for the presidential term is unheard of anywhere in the world. If Spike Lee Hoi-chang had these considerations in mind, he should have got got announced his command before the GNP¡¯s primary and should have been scrutinized. His behaviour is as good as to disdain for the consequences of the GNP¡¯s primary. Judging from his behavior, there is no end to the political aspiration of Lee, who lost the presidential command twice owed to his rival¡¯s failure to accept the party¡¯s primary and internal division.

The lone ground why Spike Spike Lee Hoi-chang tin draw this off is because Lee Myung-bak have failed to unite the resistance encampment both psychologically and in substance. Spike Lee Myung-bak have risen to a strategical place powered by the public's want for alteration in Korea¡¯s leadership. But it stays a inquiry just how much clip and energy Spike Lee Myung-bak spent over the last two calendar months trying to unify the resistance camp, and whether he have even thought about how of import such as a consolidative attempt would be for the presidential election.

The opinion camp, meanwhile, is once again banking everything on forming a alliance of presidential candidates. Since the twenty-four hours it nominated Chung Dong-young, the United New Democratic Party have been voicing its desire to constitute A alliance with presidential campaigners Rhee In-je of the Democratic Party or Moon Kook-hyun, a former Yuhan Kimberley executive. Even though it cognizes that such as an enactment decreases the lustre of its ain candidate, the opinion party, which commands a bulk 150 seating in the National Assembly, is desperately seeking to constitute a alliance with a campaigner from a political political political party with less than 1/10 of the seating in parliament and a campaigner who have no political association at all. This cannot go on unless powerful military units are at work behind the scenes. Those powerful military units may be happy that the resistance encampment is splitting, while the opinion encampment is uniting. But the public have completely lost involvement in fielding a alliance of candidates.

This presidential election will make up one's mind the hereafter of Korea, which stand ups at a crossroads. And although that determination lies just in presence of us, the public is still not able to acquire a clear image of who the presidential campaigners are. It is a sad state of affairs.

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